In a rally at the U. S. Capitol, September 9, 2015 to oppose the Iran nuclear deal, which included the most extreme and/or IQ deficient voices in politics—Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson, revealed, I believe what most of them have in common. That is a belief in white supremacy.

As much misery and suffering as racism and the concept of white supremacy has brought in the world, Phil Robertson said: “When God became flesh, you know what kind of flesh he became? Jewish flesh.” And when he returns they expect that he will return out of Israel again in Jewish flesh. Given the strong relationship between conservative whites and the Zionist, apartheid Israel regime, it should be clear that what they are really thinking in terms of is white flesh.

He is not alone. There is a significant number of Christians who believe that G-d was manifested in white flesh and that he will emerge out of Israel as a white, Jewish person. Aside from the grave error in attributing any skin color to divine, to see African Americans embrace this belief is truly repugnant. After having lived under 400 years of racial oppression and then finally becoming free (as thinkers and as choosers) to then go back and worship the very image of their oppression is sad. What kind of G-d would allow us to suffer through that and then have us worship the same people that caused our misery? I believe they all should look at both G-d’s justice and the rationality of that belief.