Zaimah Ella-Jefe

Don’t succumb to weakness. That is a constant mantra in my life. Whether it’s prayer time and I’m in the middle of something my brain wants me to believe is more urgent, or I’m running and my will is against me, or I’m tempted by foods that will not assist me in reaching my goal, or I’m resisting the urge to spend time with a man if I know I am not going to marry him. In every moment, I must remind myself of my greater focus, and the success I am working towards. Because my impulses, and whims can take me pretty far off track. The key for me is this:
One step at a time. Not even one day at a time. One single moment, in the present moment, at a time. For me, in every decision, I just choose in that moment, the response that will give me the life I want most. And rarely is that going to be the response of giving into the impulses. One step at a time, and keeping my blinders on. That’s what is working for me, with God’s Help

This is my sister’s Facebook post and it reminded me so much of the chapter in my book entitled “Every Decision is a Matter of Life and Death.”