Lt. Emily Perez

Honoring Army 2nd Lt. Emily J.T. Perez who selflessly sacrificed her life nine years ago today in Kifl, Iraq for our great Country. Please help me honor her so that she is not forgotten.

September 23, 2015

Nuri Madina shared We Support Our Troops‘s photo

Kawaka Jalil I know y’all is going to be like “here it comes”, but please explain to me how she gave her life for this country?

Nuri Madina: I had to respond to this comment because I know that this is a seeming contradiction that many of us have had, including myself: “Why would I sacrifice anything for “this” country and “them”? G-d tells us to claim our inheritance; not walk into a promised land with effort, but earn it. “They” claimed it, and I feel we’ve earned it and its now our time to claim it. She gave her life for “her” country and its promise and its destiny, which she saw herself a part of. African Americans have made a bigger investment in this country than most of the late comers that now want to say what we can do, what office we can hold, what we can aspire to. Our ancestors paid in blood, sweat and their lives for us to have this opportunity. For us to leave here now or to not claim the reward of their labor they would be turning over in their graves. If we had nothing but a shack here and it was ours we should defend it. Read…/g-d-planted-his-people-here…/ and…/the-mosque-cares-26th-annual…/ and you’ll see why “I don’t have a problem with what America and her flag “claims” to represent. I believe she’s had good intentions. My problem is with her execution. But isn’t that all of our problem. We have good intentions and we do the best we can do. We end up not being perfect but we hope to be judged one day on our good intentions. I’m not going anywhere and I’m not giving up anything. My ancestors made an investment in sweat blood and tears here, much more so than many of the late coming European immigrants. …Everything that G-d gave every people was taken from us– our language, our religion, our culture. We are new people with a new soul and a new mind and G-d caused the seed of this new people to be planted here in American soil. The purpose, our destiny–to be a mighty force in shaping the world in the image that G-d had intended…I’m not giving up any of that and I’m not leaving anything on the table. G-d promised me that if I did right I would be the inheritor of all these good things that we love in America and I know He never breaks His promise.