September 27, 2015

Why Do African Americans Say What They Think Whites Want to Hear?

Dr. Ben Carson, professor emeritus at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, speaks at the Conservative Political Action Conference annual meeting in National Harbor, Md., Saturday, March 8, 2014. Saturday marks the third and final day of the annual Conservative Political Action Conference, which brings together prospective presidential candidates, conservative opinion leaders and tea party activists from coast to coast. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

….even its ridiculous or against the interests of their own people. Unlike some who would pick out portions of our Holy Book, Qur’an, that feed their little interest, I believe it is a complete book, for the complete man, for the complete humanity as long as it exists. So, I would expect to find even the answer to that question in the book. And there it was.

7:113 So there came the sorcerers to Pharaoh: They said, “of course we shall have a (suitable) reward if we win!”

7:114 He said: “Yea, (and more),- for ye shall in that case be (raised to posts) nearest (to my person).”

If it’s a book for all times, then we should be looking in it for G-d’s people, Pharaoh and the sorcerers and mighty ones. The one who readily jumps out and identifies himself in the sorcerer is he who has some great skill that the people marvel, at like neurosurgeon. I am sure they do some miraculous things.

And what does Pharaoh promise them when they do their little trick of fascination? A position close to his person. So here’s a power, (white Supremacy-remember it is not his surgical skills that are responsible for Newly Found popularity. It is his assertion that he is speaking in support of the white image of Jesus. Look at his following-the same Christian conservatives that are praying for and working toward a cataclysmic war that will usher in the return of a white Jesus out of Israel) that’s got some skilled magicians doing their bidding and they promise the sorcerer a position on a sinking ship: “O you can be the captain.”

It obvious now that we’re talking about Ben Carson. What is there for him to gain?

In the time of another ruler of Egypt, Prophet Joseph “rejected the King’s offer to bring him closer to his person, but this was the popular reward in this type of society. The leaders who rule based on secret knowledge promise to bring you into their inner circle. But in the case of the ruler of Egypt we should remember the practices of the Pharaohs who typify that type of rule. They would bring their ministers, sorcerers, their staff, their servants all into the tomb with them when they died, so they could still serve them in the afterlife. So really the promise that was made was a promise of death.” Yes, I Am Your Brother: Understanding the Indigenous African American Muslim. Their power to rule with tricks and falsehood is swallowed up with truth on the scene, and their offer to Ben Carson is ‘Come die with me.’ So as bright as I am sure Dr. Carson is he has made a fools bargain in choosing death over life.