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September 2015

How the Mighty Has Fallen

September 17, 2015

How the Mighty Has Fallen

Last week I thought about the Muslim African army, under Tariq ibn-Ziyad, which crossed the Strait of Gibraltar from northern Africa and invaded the Iberian peninsula ‘Andalus’, Spain and would have continued even further into present day Europe had he not been halted by his jealous Arab superior. It was this conquest that brought about the enlightenment of Europe from the Dark Ages, the Renaissance, and 700 years of interreligious peace and progress among Muslims, Jews and Christians in Spain.

I thought about the perpetual wars going on today–for resources, for land, and the cultural and religious wars. I thought about the Hundred Years war waged between the kings and kingdoms of France and England from 1337 to 1453.


And then I had a reality check because what made me think about these things was standing on the corner of 47th. & Cottage Grove, and this was the dialogue there.

“Squares, Squares… Loose squares…” Nothing unusual about that. That phrase echoes out of the shadows of most major corners in our neighborhoods. It seems as if the callers have studied ventriloquism because they seem to be able to throw their voices and make it seem as if it is coming from as far away place. But the smokers who are patrons of these loose cigarettes gravitate directly to these vendors.


But on this corner, this day, another voice approached: “Move on up nigger. You don’t sell squares on this corner.” The vendor began moving away, as the intruder’s voice got louder and more forceful, and he did not seem to be moving fast enough. “I said move nigger. Don’t nobody sell squares on this corner unless Big Willie say its ok.” I thought it was going to break out, and that’s when these thoughts of these great historical battles for territory came to mind, and the thought, that at least these historical armies were fighting over “something.” And then I thought: “How the Mighty Has Fallen.”


Here the descendant of great warriors, spreaders of civilization and culture throughout the world, and they’re about to fight about the temporary use of 100 square feet of concrete that doesn’t belong to either of them. But I guess, “We all start out as dreamers—imagining a beautiful future for ourselves. We sleep for months in the wombs of our mothers and then sleep for most of the day when we are delivered. But as we grow older, the world forces us to scale down our expectations of ourselves.” From the book, “Yes, I Am Your Brother: Understanding the Indigenous African American Muslim.”


It’s only a small leap from white divinity to white supremacy

The worship of a white image of divine is the root cause of white supremacy and until we address that issue and accept rational and moral worship, we won’t be able to make Black Lives Matter. Read my Commentary in this August 21, 2015 issue of Muslim Journal entitled: “The 800-pound Gorilla in the Room.”





One single moment at time

Zaimah Ella-Jefe

Don’t succumb to weakness. That is a constant mantra in my life. Whether it’s prayer time and I’m in the middle of something my brain wants me to believe is more urgent, or I’m running and my will is against me, or I’m tempted by foods that will not assist me in reaching my goal, or I’m resisting the urge to spend time with a man if I know I am not going to marry him. In every moment, I must remind myself of my greater focus, and the success I am working towards. Because my impulses, and whims can take me pretty far off track. The key for me is this:
One step at a time. Not even one day at a time. One single moment, in the present moment, at a time. For me, in every decision, I just choose in that moment, the response that will give me the life I want most. And rarely is that going to be the response of giving into the impulses. One step at a time, and keeping my blinders on. That’s what is working for me, with God’s Help

This is my sister’s Facebook post and it reminded me so much of the chapter in my book entitled “Every Decision is a Matter of Life and Death.”


From Slavery to now: ‘We own you and we can kill you.’

September 12, 2015

Ken Burns is an honest historian and I love his work. His epic Documentary “Civil War” again destroys the myth and lies about America’s slavery history. The Washington Post reports: “Burns doesn’t have much patience for narratives about the Civil War that suggest that its causes were anything other than race, pointing squarely at the South Carolina articles of secession: “Is there the words ‘states’ rights’ in their articles of secession? No. Is the word ‘slavery’ there? Yes. Many times.””There are states now that are rewriting history –even to the extent of depicting slavery as something benevolent toward the slaves. And they use dupes like Ben Carson to co-sign it. Slavery was barbaric and evil and it is only G-d who uses the plans of the wicked to advance His Plan. Read the article at this link and follow the PBS series.

Is This Fair or Rational?


In a rally at the U. S. Capitol, September 9, 2015 to oppose the Iran nuclear deal, which included the most extreme and/or IQ deficient voices in politics—Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson, revealed, I believe what most of them have in common. That is a belief in white supremacy.

As much misery and suffering as racism and the concept of white supremacy has brought in the world, Phil Robertson said: “When God became flesh, you know what kind of flesh he became? Jewish flesh.” And when he returns they expect that he will return out of Israel again in Jewish flesh. Given the strong relationship between conservative whites and the Zionist, apartheid Israel regime, it should be clear that what they are really thinking in terms of is white flesh.

He is not alone. There is a significant number of Christians who believe that G-d was manifested in white flesh and that he will emerge out of Israel as a white, Jewish person. Aside from the grave error in attributing any skin color to divine, to see African Americans embrace this belief is truly repugnant. After having lived under 400 years of racial oppression and then finally becoming free (as thinkers and as choosers) to then go back and worship the very image of their oppression is sad. What kind of G-d would allow us to suffer through that and then have us worship the same people that caused our misery? I believe they all should look at both G-d’s justice and the rationality of that belief.

The Theme of My New Book: Come to knowledge of Self (Soul) and our shared Destiny

Great Seal

September 9, 2015

The founders of this symbol of America are sending a message to those in their inner circle and mocking those outside it. They are saying “we have taken the knowledge that you built civilization on in Egypt and using it to manipulate the masses here in this modern Egypt. But look at you now. So great and mighty once and now mental slaves.” The Romans civilization preceded the western civilizations of today and the Greek civilization that preceded it was built in large part on the accomplishments of the Africans in Egypt. Shriners and the elite in the Christian Sciences know that even before Egypt human sciences came from Mecca. Egypt however corrupted the sciences and used them for controlling the masses.

G-d Planted His People Here and This Is Where We Will Grow

Only 2/3 of Americans actually know a Muslim and probably a much smaller percentage of those actually understand anything about Muslims. Nevertheless, Muslims have always been a part of America, even before it’s immigrant Founding Fathers. “Historians estimate that between 15 to 30 percent of the African men, and less than 15 percent of the African women, were Muslims when they were brought here in chains. Those percentages are probably much higher because at some point the government prohibited the importation of any slaves that were Christian. The native American that were here already were immigrants here from Asia and the slave master was an immigrant here from Europe. We were the first people here who did not come of their own accord. Everything that G-d gave every people was taken from us– our language, our religion, our culture. We are new people and G-d caused the seed of this new people to be planted here in American soil.  We are the true indigenous people here. This perspective and more are covered in my new book, “Yes, I Am Your Brother: Understanding the Indigenous African American Muslim.”

Rancor in the Hearts and Donald Trump

September 7, 2015

In the Muslim Holy Book, Qur’an, 2:25, G-d (Allah) promises the believers a Garden of Paradise and He says that when they eat fruit from this Garden they will remark that this is similar to what we were fed with before. This tells us that whatever measure of Paradise we expect to experience in the Hereafter, we can expect some measure of that same thing here.

Also in the Qur’an, G-d says that He will remove any lurking sense of injury. 7:43 “Lurking” implies somethings hiding waiting to strike out at you and I can see a clear analogy in this and in how our subconscious mind works. Some translators translate this phrase “lurking sense of injury” as “rancor.” i.e. He will remove the “rancor” from your hearts.

Rancor too is a really bad thing– mentally, physically, and emotionally and this can be seen in all of its many synonyms: malevolence, vitriol, spite, vindictiveness, malice, maliciousness, ill will, acrimony, animosity, animus, bitterness, antagonism, hostility, bile, hate, hatred, venom.

If we focus though on just two of those meanings-vitriol and venom–I think you’ll get my point. An archaic meaning of Vitriol is sulfuric acid and that can’t be a good thing in the heart and we know that venom is a poison that is secreted which means it hides (secret) but is released into the system until it kills the organism. You can’t be successful in anything with rancor in your heart. You can’t have a healthy relationship with your country, your employer, your spouse or your family.

There is a story in Islamic traditional that as a child the heart of the Prophet Muhammad, while he was in a near sleep state, was removed from his body by two angels, cleansed and then replaced. Regardless to how we interpret this, we have to acknowledge the benefit of a pure heart.

A September 7, 2015 Associated Press article points to the meteoric political rise of Donald Trump and attributes it to a deep seated anger and frustration in his supporters. The fact that there are so many people feeling this anger I see as a case of the “chickens coming home to roost.” I point out in my book, “Yes, I Am Your Brother: Understanding the Indigenous African American Muslim that the belief that the evil that men create returns to their own door exists in most cultures. African Americans have lived for generations with anger and frustration because of their lack of power and now we see a significant group of white Americans responding to their increasing loss of power. In fact politics being an art of slogans, sound bites and code words, I can easily see Trump’s slogan “Make America Great Again,” being translated, in their minds as, “Put White America Back in Power Again.”

So, I’m not mad at Donald. Keep saying how you truly feel about things and let it all out. It’s good for the soul. I feel a little sorry for his supporters though because carrying that burden of anger in their hearts, must be like they’re experiencing a little hell. I’m blessed and thankful though to be in a little bit of heaven. I don’t have any rancor in my heart and I see a great future.

The Mosque Cares, 26th Annual Muslim Convention

September 6, 2015

At the Mosque Cares, 26th Annual Muslim Convention, the theme was “Claim Your Inheritance” and I am all for that.

In the early meetings of the original Nation of Islam, there was always a blackboard at the front of the meeting place that displayed, on one side the picture of a cross and an American flag and on the other side the star and crescent flag of the Nation of Islam. It was taught, that to Black Americans, the cross was a symbol of suffering, shame and death. And the flag was a symbol of that oppression.

The recent controversy over the Confederate flag brings into question loyalty to the flag in general. And recently Minister Louis Farrakhan brought that question into focus when he made the statement in the Metropolitan AME Church in D.C. that the American flag itself was a symbol of racism and needs to be brought down. I say we have too much investment in blood and treasure in that flag to give it up. It is ours as much as anybody’s.

On September 6, 2015 at the Annual Muslim Convention in Tinley Park, they honored members of MAVA (Muslim American Veterans Association) and Muslim members of the military in general. For these soldiers there has been no conflict. You have a single-minded purpose when you put our life on the line, but it does point out a seemingly love hate relationship that we seem to have had with the flag.



In 1977, Imam W. D. Mohammed, picked up the American flag and told his supporters to vote and to claim their share of life in America.


WDM-Raising the Flag


While many looked at this as a radical departure from conventional Nation of Islam thinking if we look closely at Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s work, instead of his conscious-raising and controversial rhetoric, we’ll see that he was pragmatic in his relationship with America, it’s laws and it’s symbols. He didn’t advocate giving up anything here and going back anywhere. He too told us to get some of this earth.

This photo from the early 1970’s is instructive. Notice the American flag and the Nation of Islam flag displayed side by side on the rear of the float. The event was part of the wedding celebration of Muhammad’s granddaughter, Ayesha Muhammad, and included a parade down Cottage Grove Avenue, floats representing the Muslim businesses along Cottage Grove and 79th. Street and the Muslims schools, called Universities of Islam, and Fruit of Islam from across the country from it’s many Temples across, assembling in front of the residence of Honorable Elijah Muhammad in Chicago, to be reviewed and to salute him.


His local and international business activities were not without their legal regulations and adherence to the laws of the land. We owned Guaranty Bank and banking regulations alone are a body of law in and of itself.

Even his call for separate states was “tongue in cheek” and designed to motivate self- help and total reliance on self. Those close to him will acknowledge that he admitted privately that America would never give up any of her states to her once slaves. He went to war with his own brother to keep from dividing these states.

It’s also interesting to note how early African Americans saw their relationship to both the American flag and the Confederate flag. In my new book: “Yes, I Am Your Brother- Understanding the Indigenous African American Muslim,” I refer to the words of Corporal Price Lambkin, of the First Black Regiment, which was organized by lecturer, writer and abolitionist, Thomas Wentworth Higginson during the Civil War. In an appeal for patriotism and respect for the American flag to his fellow ex-slave soldiers Corporal Lambkin spoke:

“Our mas’rs dey hab lib under de flag, dey got dere wealth under it, and ebryting beautiful for dere chilen. Under it dey hab grind us up, and put us in dere pocket for money. But de fus’ minute dey tink dat ole flag mean freedom for we colored people, dey pull it right down, and run up de rag ob dere own.” (Immense applause). “But we’ll neber desert de ole flag, boys, neber; we hab lib under it for eighteen hundred sixty-two years, and we’ll die for it now.” And we will never desert it either.

I don’t have a problem with what America and her flag “claims” to represent. I believe she’s had good intentions. My problem is with her execution. But isn’t that all of our problem. We have good intentions and we do the best we can do. We end up not being perfect but we hope to be judged one day on our good intentions.

I’m not going anywhere and I’m not giving up anything. My ancestors made an investment in sweat blood and tears here, much more so than many of the late coming European immigrants. The Native Americans that were here already were immigrants here from Asia and came of their own accord. The slave master was an immigrant here from Europe and came of his own accord. We were the first people here who did not come of their own accord. Everything that G-d gave every people was taken from us– our language, our religion, our culture. We are new people with a new soul and a new mind and G-d caused the seed of this new people to be planted here in American soil. The purpose, our destiny–to be a mighty force in shaping the world in the image that G-d had intended. So we are the true indigenous people here and I’m not giving up any of that and I’m not leaving anything on the table. G-d promised me that if I did right I would be the inheritor of all these good things that we love in America and I know He never breaks His promise.


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