Losing Our Senses

September 29, 2015


We know that America is an experimental democracy–that its whole premise is to test the limits of individual freedom and hope that the inherent goodness of the human being will prevail in the end. But in the meantime that same freedom gives power to those of great intellect who are not rooted in the soil of a good soul and they can make life miserable for the masses.

This is a country where citizens pride themselves for their rugged individualism and the concept in theory is that these individuals will come together as a stronger component for the common good–with liberty and justice for all-an excellent concept in theory and consistent with the letter and the spirit of the Holy Qur’an. Unfortunately, everything that is good, Satan has found a way to corrupt and exploit. So that now we see that ‘freedom’ interpreted as freedom to do whatever two or more consenting adult choose to do, or whatever the law allows. And most of us have bought onto it. Why can’t we establish our lives and communities here in America? Why can’t we reign in our angry, violent and disaffected youth? So really we’ve just got them illusion of freedom but most of us are a slave to something.

I recently wrote about the new generation of digital users who go through their day oblivious to what’s going on around them-traffic, conversation, other people–and how these devices are crippling our social interaction. I wasn’t kidding or exaggerating and now I see they’ve even given it a name. Ashley Halsey III, in his 9-27-15 article in the Washington Post has dubbed these “zombie like” device users “digital deadwalkers.”


They call them “cellular” devices for reason. A cell is an individualized unit. Its part of the whole organism but it has a life of its own and can isolate itself from other members or in the case of people, other “real” social contact.

They say that the eyes are the window to the soul so does this mean, since we don’t have to see who we’re talking to anymore, we’re no longer connecting at a soul’s level? That voice is an instrument, with volume, melody, inflection. If you’ve ever listened to Sarah Vaughan you know what I mean. Aren’t we losing something by not hearing the human voice in our conversations? And what are we losing when we can’t hold our child’s hand or a person a person on the shoulder to help them understand what we’re saying?

While we may extol the virtues of multi-tasking and believe that it helps us get things done, and even provides some immediate emotional gratification, over time it actually degrades our cognitive functioning. A study from Stanford University reports that heavy multi-taskers are worse at choosing which task to focus on. (“They are suckers for irrelevancy”, as Cliff Nass, one of the researchers put it.)

Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against technology. I’m a technophile myself. I love anything that enables me to get more work done, more easily. This article is being written on a digital device while I’m travelling. It’s just that we have to recognize what’s real and what’s important and what’s irrelevant. People are real and if your technology is not helping to better serve the people then it’s useless.

This assault on our “senses” is not just a direct attack. It’s also a subtle assault on our “sense.” I love the words of my friend, poet and spoken word artist, Tasleem Jamila, in her song, “Assault On Our Senses,” featuring the great artist Amir Sulaiman, “this assault on our senses has made us senseless,” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mS3HSnu2Mpc

Look at the rise and new acceptance and acceptability of stupid. Look at the people who are willing to ignore facts, reality and common sense in order to support what they believe. And in today’s society where truth and facts are even more accessible, they have to dig much deeper into absurdity for the rationalizations of their ignorance and stupid behavior. In America you don’t have to dig too deep. We’ve got that great thing called freedom.

The small group that controls the media, the popular culture and as a result public thought, not only exploit the public. They also take a perverse pleasure in mocking them. They speak two languages–one to the public who takes their language for gospel–truth and reality and another language to the initiates of their inner circle. “Look what I can make them do. Do the nae nae, stand on their heads, whatever.” But they prepare their people in advance. In the last few years there has been this obsession with zombies–the walking dead. And now we have a whole generation of the digital walking dead.

What’s next? I say surgically implanting the digital devices in us. We’ve already accustomed ourselves to getting repeatedly punctured with needles from tattoos. And they’ve already installed those chips in our pets with all their ID information and even GPS capability. This is not so farfetched. They’ve talked about surgically installing our IDs and credit card information into our bodies. O, this sounds like the “Matrix”. Well it is a time when it’s getting harder and harder to separate what’s real from what’s illusion. The only hope you’ve got is to not lose your sense(s), because when you do that you lose your real freedom.