Black Leaders

Get Over It?

October 4, 2015

I wrote yesterday in the article, “Moving Forward Through Forgiveness,” the conditions for obtaining forgiveness from G-d, and the additional requirement when the wrong has been done against another person. That additional condition is that we make amends to the person for the wrong.

It is asked frequently of African Americans ‘slavery was 400 years ago. Why can’t you let that go?” My response is “I could let it go if you would stop doing it.” My heart is healed because I know that the justice for America’s treatment of her once slaves is in G-d’s Hands. But I will never forget. The memory is in my genes and in the collective conscious of the race. I know though that you cannot move forward in life carrying the burden of your past hurt in your heart.

But every time we try to move forward and try to let the wounds heal, they come and pull the scab off. When we were first freed after Emancipation we made great progress. There were…. African American legislators throughout the South and in Congress, and colleges were established throughout the south. Then the North imposed Reconstruction on the former slave master’s, brutal segregation and Jim Crow laws were established and the KKK rose to keep that terror and fear alive in us.

But we struggled to survive, where were at, and we moved when we had to. We established ourselves and communities–in places like Tulsa OK. Then as soon as they saw us progressing and trying to enjoy the freedom we had earned, they rioted in cities across the country, and burned our prosperous neighborhoods. In Tulsa, an entire prosperous community known as “Black Wall Street” was burned by white terrorist mobs, firebombed and bombed from planes. When it was over, only a single block remained of the 1,400 Homes and Businesses that made up the area. Blacks were lynched and murdered and as Richard Warner of the Tulsa Historical reported black “bodies were stacked like cord.” Then continued decades of lynching. Is it any wonder when many Blacks today are seen to have ambitions and dreams of great accomplishments most of the rest will speak out and say, “the white man ain’t gon’ let you do that.”


When the moral conscience of the nation was moved by the Civil Rights movement, that malice in their hearts didn’t just die. As we can see today that attitude is alive and well, in the south, in our urban cities, and in Washington, DC. There are still those who would do anything rather than see their former slaves be independent and thrive. Republicans took an oath when President Obama was first elected that they would oppose anything he did even if it hurt the country.

So yes those wounds of slavery have had plenty of time to heal, but America has not fulfilled a main requirement for forgiveness and that is acknowledging the wrong they have done to the people and making amends. Instead there is this movement now to re-write history. In Texas and other southern states text books used in a schools have completely omitted mention and history of slavery Jim Crow, lynching or the Ku Klux Klan. Instead they imply that slaves voluntary migrated to this country to find work.

When they acknowledge what they have done and try to make amends, then I can forgive them. Until then their matter is with G-d and He’s obligated to deal with them. What we can do in the meantime is to bombard Texas with the truth so our children will know the lie and see the liars for what they are. They’re children can just remain ignorant and that’s their curse.