We Are the Ones

The Soul Remembers What the Mind Forgot

October 21, 2015

What might you think that our ancestors were praying for, and waiting for and dying for? It was us.

“Allah Most High created us from one human soul, and all things that were once one will at some point be reunited. But even as they are separate there is still a commonness—a collective consciousness if you will. This why they say that if a part of the body hurts the whole body hurts, and they say that as long as any man is not free, I am not free.

This tells us that there is a part of us that survives separation. Allah says that He created us in tribes and nations and we might look at this a separation. But He says He did it so we would know or recognize each other. Once we recognize that common soul, we then come together as a stronger whole. I feel the pain of all oppressed people today, but also the pain, the hopes and dreams of people past. I feel Frederick Douglass, the foremost intellectual of his time, and his desire to be recognized as a man and the equal of any man. I feel Dr. King and his dream to one day be judged, even if through his children, by the content of his character. The tragedy today is that too few of us feel these things. But the soul remembers what the mind forgot. “Yes, I Am Your Brother: Understanding the Indigenous African American Muslim.”