It’s Killing Them

October 23, 2015

In what was later revealed to be a hoax, it first reported by Newswatch33.com that a 53 year-old Caucasian man, Bobby-Jo Garrison committed suicide in Charlotte, North Carolina because he had an issue with the main character of the new Star Wars episode VII being black. His wife was said to have found him unresponsive with a suicide note saying “Make America White Again.” After some investigation, it was determine d that no one had killed them self and that Newswatch33 was a fake news website.

Nevertheless the new Stars Wars release did cause a real backlash as a new hashtag, #BoycottStarWarsVII has gone viral with hundreds of people are calling for the boycott of Star Wars VII calling the movie “ant-white” and racist because black British actor John Boyega plays Stormtrooper Finn. Racist tweets there are warning that the new movie promotes “white genocide” and was made “to demoralize and destroy” whites.

The issue was widespread enough for the new “The Daily Show” host Trevor Noah to address it on his show. One social media comment made an excellent point. If Star Wars VII promotes “white genocide” and “demoralizes and destroys whites” now because it has a black hero, what was it doing to black people during its first 6 episodes? And what has the whole popular culture done to us for decades? This is the same issue that Imam W. Deen Mohammed addressed for many years through his encouragement of CRAID (Committee for the Removal of All Images that Attempt to Portray the Divine) committees throughout the country, through which he questioned the racial images of divinity prominent in religion. He asked the question, “What would happen if people would sit in churches throughout the world for centuries with the image of an African American man as savior of the world before them? What would this do to the mind of the world’s children? What would happen to the world’s children put under a figure of a particular race presented, pitiable, and in pain “the Savior of all men”?

We now can get a glimpse of what would happen. When the Black man is shown in the true nobility that G-d created him in it shatters their reality. Those with that racist mind set either kill themselves or go to a new level of crazy as we’re seeing in this country now. The election of President Obama and his success in leading the country through crisis after crisis, has destroyed their mental construct of superiority. We know from popular culture that the Matrix is an artificial construct that only exists because people believe in it and that believe sustains it. Some have built their whole lives, put all of their energy into a concept of white superiority and that has done damage to their minds just like living under inferiority has done to ours.

“ ‘Dr. Caroline Myss wrote: “Experiences that carry emotional energy in our energy systems include: past and present relationships, both personal and professional; profound or traumatic experiences and memories; and belief patterns and attitudes, including all spiritual and superstitious beliefs. The emotions from these experiences become encoded in our biological systems and contribute to the formation of our cell tissue, which then generates a quality of energy that reflects those emotions.’ ” Yes, I Am Your Brother: Understanding the Indigenous African American Muslim.

We can direct the flow of our life force into any direction we choose but when it’s not toward devotion to G-d it’s flawed, time limited, and destined to fail. Some direct there energy toward money, and when they lose that, they have no further life so they jump out of window. Some direct theirs toward a certain level of success or a certain status and when they lose that they have nothing to live for. So the person who has none of these and has spent their whole life believing in their inherent superiority has nothing to live for when that is shattered.

It’s really irrelevant whether the suicide story is true or not. It’s so believable, so plausible that it’s expected because we see the same shattered reaction in many whites, as they buy their guns and prepare for what they see is a complete loss of power.

They didn’t complain about Darth Vader, because he was black in black and thus fit the stereotype—black, evil, demon–a Satan like figure dressed in black. But now they are forced to see blacks in heroic savior-type roles and its killing them. I hate that so many of my blogs have to address the race issue but it’s just that time. We’re living in the Day of Judgment and it’s a battle of good vs evil, and whether we like it or not we’re all soldiers on one side or the other.

So, this is my battle. I’m not saying that it should be everybody’s battle but I know it’s mine. And I see racism and white supremacy in its death throes. Sure it seems like there’s a resurgence but that’s because the Day of Judgment is a Day of Manifestation of all Defects. Many people didn’t even realize there was a disease but we can see it now. It’s come to surface of the skin of America and the poison is escaping in hideous pus filled boils. These are your racists.

If they want to boycott Star Wars great. There’s enough rational people out here, fans and supporters, that will make the movie successful. In fact the demand to buy ticket for ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ crashed several websites. But they are opening a Pandora’s box that they can’t put the lid back on. Let this play out on the economic battlefield and they’ll again see who has the power. We then should boycott “Empire” because of its demeaning images and Christmas because of its patent falsehood and blatant exploitation. If we do that we will eventually gain cultural and economic freedom and power and if they are not killing themselves now, they’ll have plenty to kill themselves over if we keep rising. They’re just not going to win in this world.