Ted Cruz

America’s Radical Extremist-in-Chief

December 14, 2015

Just when you thought the race for Republican presidential candidate couldn’t get any crazier, any more extreme as presented by Donald Trump and Ben Carson, a new candidate emerges to vie for the title of “America’s Radical Extremist-in-Chief-Ted Cruz.”

As I have said before, Trump’s role has always been that of a “Stalking horse’, an experiment to see how extreme a segment of the public is willing to go. (November 27, 20156)


They discovered his support was so broad that they couldn’t reach the extreme. When they compared Trump to Hitler, a few commented, a few criticized but most just yawned. So they needed someone to take it even further. Enter Ted Cruz.

First they insulted and demonized Hispanics, then Blacks, and his numbers got stronger. They suggested Muslims should be disqualified from then country’s highest office. They proposed registering Muslims, labeling them, closing their Mosques and excluding them if they don’t profess Christianity. Now Cruz has the ultimate solution: ‘Kill them.’ Those are the sentiments of a savage whose only tool in his arsenal is a club.

In his latest proposal, which Paul Waldman of “The Week” calls disastrously inhumane” Cruz proposes dealing with the problem of Isis by, in his words, We will carpet-bomb them into oblivion. I don’t know if sand can glow in the dark, but we’re going to find out!”


That part about sand glowing in the dark is an obvious reference to his proposed use of nuclear weapons. Everyone knows that the territory ISIS claims to control is actually civilian populated areas, people who have themselves come under their domination—innocents—the very people we’re supposed to be saving. But his solution–kill them all. Is that the ultimate god complex? ‘Kill them all. I have the power of life and death.’ And his poll numbers surge.

Allah (G-d) Most High says that Satan is in the extremes. He also says that Satan threatens you with poverty and poverty can be a lack or scarcity of anything. If we look at the possibility of any of those radicals being elected we naturally will be concerned—about the loss of our freedom, the loss of revenue, the loss of peace and security.

But these are distractions. I myself have been guilty of being distracted. Most of my blogs have focused on the latest incidents of international and domestic terrorism–about the people in America who demonize the inhumane acts of others and cover up their own. Yes, we do have be aware of these possibilities, be concerned and work against them. But we cannot become obsessed and exhaust our energy worrying about them.


That energy is better used to raise ourselves up—above ignorance, poverty and indecency. That is what will save us from whoever ends up in Washington.

All of this is designed to hide the fact that G-d has favored this nation. That’s why everybody wants to come here and everybody wants to be them. But there’s a new day, and now he has favored us. But we have to see past the slavery and oppression and know that G-d can take an evil plan and make good come out of it. Know that G-d was in charge then and now. Circumstances put us in the belly of the beast, and some of us were thrown overboard like Jonah and swallowed up, and spit out upon a barren shore. And some of us found refuge on Noah’s ark and rose above the waves and rested on the mountain until the waters subsided. But either way nothing is going to stop then rise of this new man (mind) in America.