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August 2016

Sex, Lie and Videotapes


Sex, Lie and Videotapes

OK, to be perfectly honest—and honesty, truth and reality is what this article is about—it has nothing whatsoever to do with sex. But it’s a making a real quick point that is people have hidden the “cheese”—the money, the material resources, the important truths of life. And they are directing our attention away from the things of value in life by pushing these subconscious and emotional buttons. It is about lies and videotapes because the essence of their message is lies and the visual, audio and social media are the vehicles they are using in their scheme.


Allah (G-d) asks the question: Who has denied my servants the good things of the earth? In this context He doesn’t ask, “Who has denied my servants the starry crown of heaven? He asks who is denying the good people, the good things of the earth. It is deniers and liars.


This time in man’s history is called the Day of Accounting. It’s also sometimes referred to as the Day of Separation and most commonly called the Day of Judgment. In an accounting, we identify assets and liabilities—what we have and what we owe. We separate the things of value from those negative and come up with a balance sheet. And then we make a judgment on the health of our finances.


The problem arises when we have been deceived as to the value of things. If our skin color is more important than our human content, we’re going to come up with inaccurate accounting. If you don’t have the discernment to judge between truth and falsehood, between reality and unreality, between what’s important and what’s trivial, you’re going to come up with an inaccurate accounting.


Thus today you have a small group, the 1% if you will, who are controlling all the resources—they’re hiding them in corporate inversions, off shore accounts, bankruptcy schedules, unpaid debts and conspicuous consumption. They keep the resources hidden by keeping the masses focused on lies, unreal Reality shows, and delusions.


The political dialogue today is a perfect example of what it would be like living in a world of data but no facts. I point out in my book that we are living in a time where the public has become addicted to information, not necessarily truth, not necessarily facts, but just information. Look at the people who scientists are now calling “digital dead walkers,” who have walked into oncoming traffic and walked off of cliffs, while glued to their PDAs.


“Look at the condition of the general population, with access to more information than ever before in history. Only one in four (¼) Americans can name more than one of the five freedoms guaranteed in the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, but more than one-half (½) can name at least two members of the Simpson’s cartoon family. 22% of Americans can name all five Simpson family members compared to 1 in 1000 who could name all five (5) First Amendment rights. A 2012 national survey by, a legal information website, found that nearly two-thirds of Americans are unable to name any of the nine members of the U.S. Supreme Court. In 1985, Andrew Postman, in his book Amusing Ourselves to Death, made this point: “TV is turning all public life (education, religion, politics, journalism) into entertainment; how the image is undermining other forms of communication, particularly the written word; and how our bottomless appetite for TV will make content so abundantly available, content be damned, we’ll be overwhelmed by “information glut” until what is truly meaningful is lost and we no longer care what we’ve lost as long as we’re being amused.” Yes, I Am Your Brother, Nuri Madina

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This was written 30 years ago, before the digital revolution and the explosion of even more vehicles for the flow of information. But as Postman points out, the time coming will be one in which the public won’t care about the truth or the value of the information.

Allah (G-d) speaks of just such a time when mankind will be lost, except those who promote Truth and Reality. Look at the great percentages of people who have been fed conspiracy theories by Fox (Faux) News and the National Enquirer over the years and the information has now become accepted as truth. It’s no surprise that this is the same demographic that is now feeling powerless, disaffected and angry. They have fed their emotional body and starved their rational body. In the real world, as opposed to their alt-right surreal construct, they are indeed threatened—not by anyone coming and taking away their guns or by hoards of immigrants, Muslims, of African American. They are threatened by their own choices. The name of the game is survival of the fittest—the fittest homo sapiens or thinking man-not the fittest brute.


The Apology of Privilege

The Apology of Privilege

Words make people and we are what we eat, so when you have an entire subset of the population that has injected the big lie of white supremacy and it’s illegitimate first born of white privilege, you’re seeing people that have become a victim of their own bad diet. And no matter how hard you encourage them to eat healthier (truth, facts and objective reality), their own metabolism will work against them. The demagogue knows exactly what buttons of primordial anger and cynicism to push, because he knows what their diet has been.

So a Donald Trump, and I’m not talking about “The Donald” because he is not unique. There will always be one of him to come along and push those buttons. Any Donald can present this confused mind with lies–He can prove himself to be a liar, and if he pushes those buttons, they will accept anything he says. Look at how long he claimed President Obama was not born in the US and demanded to see his birth certificate. Neither he, nor his followers were concerned about the truth of the President’s birth. The point they were making is that he is not one of us. Even now after the birth certificate has been produced, 53% of Republicans still believe the lie, even in the face of proof and objective reality. As Trump himself said “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters.”

A Washington Post report on a 2007 deposition in connection with a lawsuit against Trump, pointed out 30 lies that he had told in the deposition. “At times, he defended the lies, insisting that they were somehow true, even if the numbers didn’t reflect it.” Similarly, in this presidential campaign, in the face of the most callous and bigoted statements, he has shifted the blame to his staff, the corrupt media, and even the victims themselves.

Now comes, what they describe as the ‘pivot.’ That is his supposed new posture away from those Republican primary “Trumpettes” who are willing to accept him no matter what and toward those more rational, more independent voters that are key in a general election. In order to accept him though, they will have to hold their noses, and rationalize his behavior. They will have to convince themselves that he really didn’t mean all those things he said. They will have to explain away all the lies.

They’re already pointing to his “apology” –I do regret it… where it may have caused personal pain–” as a move in that direction. But as James Hohmann, notes yesterday in the Washington Post, Trump’s ‘apology’ sounds like a non-apology. “Linguists and relationship experts, meanwhile, said Trump’s comments were ineffective and that his words cannot accurately be described as an “apology.” In fact, the GOP nominee did not specify exactly who or what he was talking about.” Its like the recent non-apology of Olympic champion swimmer, Ryan Lochte who “apologized” for “his role in taking the focus away from other Olympic athletes” and for “not being more careful and candid.” He didn’t say he was sorry for falsely accusing Brazilians for a violent or for fabricating a lie when he himself was the criminal. They both make what I call the “apology of privilege.” I point to this same insincerity and unwillingness to acknowledge one’s wrong in my book, “Yes, I Am Your Brother:”

“For me to feel that you are sincere about wanting me to forgive the wrong you’ve done to me; I have to ask you if you acknowledge what you did. It’s like the halfhearted apology we give sometimes. “If I have wronged you, I sorry.” I’m telling you you’ve wronged me. If you hadn’t, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. But instead of you saying, “I’m sorry for the particular wrong I did to you,” you preface it with “If I did…” You hedged your apology like the No Contest plea in court where you accept the punishment without acknowledging any guilt.”

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Why would anyone believe you once you’ve shown the willingness to say anything to get support and the unwillingness to acknowledge ever having wronged anyone? We know when he says Make America Great Again, he means Make America White Again. Statistically and demographically that’s not going to happen, so he can only be saying, seize power now before you come under the influence of these minorities–these ‘other’ ones; these different ones.

We know when he says he’ll bring Law and Order to communities, he means he’ll support and protect the rogue policemen who have preyed on our communities and he will demonize and sic his followers on anyone that disagrees with him. This is what we’ve seen and why would we believe any lies to the contrary as part of a pivot?

We know he supports decades of Republican voter suppression in a democracy which is supposed to encourage voter participation–all of this under the guise of preventing voting fraud. In court cases that temporarily invalidated some of the ID laws, including North Carolina, Wisconsin and North Dakota, election officials could barely cite one case in which a person was charged with in-person voting fraud. All research and government investigations and courts have proved voter fraud is mostly a myth. Yet Trump calls for “election observers” on his official website to stop Crooked Hillary from rigging this election.”

It won’t work with African Americans. We remember when white Southerners dreamed up barriers designed to keep blacks from voting. Some required frequent re-registration, or registration at inconvenient times (e.g., planting season). They implemented literacy tests that were impossible to pass or administered arbitrarily. (Guess how many marbles are in a jar). In 2014 a group of Harvard students took the Louisiana Literacy Test that was administered as late as 1964, and required a 100% score in order to vote. All of them failed the test. They established poll taxes that African Americans could not pay. In the rural counties where most African Americans lived, you had to go to the courthouse to register and voting registration office might be open for a couple of hours in the morning or afternoon maybe one day a week. You had to take off work — with or without your employer’s permission — and if a white employer gave such permission, or failed to fire a Black who tried to vote, he might be driven out of business by economic retaliation from the Citizens Council. Sometimes on that registration day, African Americans has to walk pass the county Sheriff and his deputies and intimidation, insults, threats, and sometimes arrest on phony charges, just to get to the Registration Office. Once in the Office they faced hatred, harassment, and humiliation from the county officials. In some states the information entered on your registration was passed on to the Citizens Council and Ku Klux Klan. Is this the “election observers” Trump is calling for? Is this the greatness he is calling America back to again?

The U.S. 4th Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond, Va., just ruled that the regime of voter ID laws passed in North Carolina clearly demonstrated that the “disenfranchisement of blacks was the very goal of the legislation.”

The war of this era is that of truth against lies, and the battle in this day, until November, is to punish the liars and vindicate the truth. They need to be shown that this is a new day—that we remember their history and we don’t harbor in rancor in our hearts but we are going to take that one day in November to show them that they must acknowledge what they have done and stop doing it.



We’re not Giving Up Anything, and We’re Not Going Anywhere

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We’re not Giving Up Anything, and We’re Not Going Anywhere

Donald Trump and his backwards leaning group of supporters need to know, that despite the anxiety he has inspired in all of the “othered” groups in America, including Muslims, immigrants and anyone else different from poor uneducated whites, we African Americans are not giving up anything, and we’re not going anywhere.

Thanks First Lady, Michelle Obama for reminding them that we built the White House, and that is only a symbol of the contribution we have made intellectually, cultural, economically and socially to America. In fact, my ancestors, both Muslim and Africans were here at least as early as 1843, although Trump’s family itself were later comers, arriving here from the south-western part of Germany in 1885.

I doubt also that his family endured the “investment” of unpaid labor, blood, sweat, tears and persecution that mine did. So the point is that we’re not giving up anything and we’re not going anywhere. We have a much stronger claim to this country than he has and many of the late arrivals that are supporting him now.

And that greatness that he claims he’s trying to get back to again, came about from our sacrifice. US Representative and Civil Rights leader, John Robert Lewis, pointing to his own contributions to Americas’ claim of greatness, said, “I was beaten, my skull was fractured, & I was arrested more than 40 times so each and every one of us can register to vote.” And he reminded us that the struggle was not over. “Do your part” he urged. Lewis asked the officer who was beating him, “Why are you doing this?” The officer replied, “I HAVE to beat you. If I DON’T beat you, then it means NOTHING for me to be white.” That’s the America we left behind and we’re not giving up any of those hard earned rights. We’re not going backwards not one day.

Now Donald Trump is visiting Louisiana, no doubt trying to present a kindler gentler image by showing empathy for flood victims, most of whom are probably African Americans. Is he now saying that those Black Lives Matter? As if that is going to make us forget his claim that the Black Lives Matter movement has helped instigate the recent killings of police officers, and his suggestion that he might direct his future attorney general to investigate the civil rights activist group. It’s reminiscent of the charges made against Dr. King and the Civil Rights movement as being Communists—anything demonized, anything negative, anything “other” than “us.”

As a Muslim, where is that he would send me back home to? What is he going to force me to believe in order to stay here in America? He’s the one that should be “vetted” to see if he holds American ideals. That’s why he was so offended by the question posed by Khizr Khan, the father of a soldier killed in Iraq: “Have you even read the United States Constitution?”

Even as a Muslim I have a stronger claim to be here and to stay here than he does. We were here even before the recent influx of immigrant Muslims. Khaled A. Beydoun, reported in The Washington Post, August 18, 2016, Before 1965, the Muslim American population was overwhelmingly composed of native-born African Americans.” In addition, we should consider that many of the Muslims seeking admittance here are from places where we have destroyed their countries and their homes with our bombs and drones.

So no one is going to be fooled by any pivots to present a new more “politically correct” image. We know who you are now and we know what you represent. But, he is not as scary to me as are the followers and supporters of his that don’t see the bigotry, racism, and even mental illness of his positions. What they all should know is that we’re not going back, we’re not giving up anything, and we’re not going anywhere. We will be the last man standing here.


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