I’ve just discovered a great scientific and mathematical formula that I want to share with everyone. The equation says that TWCTM=TWDTL. I’ve tried to figure this out for the longest time and I finally came up with the answer- TWCTM=TWDTL. THOSE WHO COMPLAIN THE MOST equal=are the very same ones as THOSE WHO DO THE LEAST.

I’ve been studying for a long time but this Presidential election campaign has proven it for me. Donald Trump claimed early on that he was reaching disaffected white men, “forgotten Americans.” He said he would bring a whole new population into the electoral process who had not voted before. So, here’s a group of citizens that have not participated in the process, feel that they have been excluded, and that their voices have not been heard. They feel like “their” jobs have been stolen. Trump says they are new voters. If they have not participated before, what do they have coming?

And so, it is with many young people and many African Americans who are either not voting or not enthusiastic about this election; but who’ve got complaints. Yes, you have some complaints, and many of them are legitimate. But what are you expecting that is ever going to free and with no cost and no investment? Nothing in this life. In the Independent Global News website Congressman John Lewis remarked: “I Thought I Saw Death” recalling being beaten bloody and with a concussion by police while crossing the Edmund Pettus Bridge as they attempted to march to Montgomery, Alabama on “Bloody Sunday,” He later added “I was arrested more than 40 times so each and every one of us can register to vote…Do your part” he urged. I agree. Pay some dues, and then complain. Yours dues are voting in this election.